The Institute of Occupational Safety


2002 - 2003


Ljubljana, Slovenia



Majda Kregar - ZVD Lj - 01-2 ZVD_FOTO_04-2 Majda Kregar - ZVD Lj - 02-2 Majda Kregar - ZVD Lj - 03-2
  • YEAR : 2002 - 2003
  • LOCATION : Ljubljana, Slovenia

The programme concept of the structure

The proper organisation of a variety of the institute’s activities is achieved by two four-storey wings accommodating work programmes and a third structure serving as a reception and communication building. The work programme wings constitute coherent units as they require more advanced infrastructure. Their windows look to the east and west, opening on the green atrium or lawn. The northern building housing the reception area and a lecture room is more openly designed and includes a transparent three-level wedge-shaped hall that connects all the institute’s programmes.


The building design

The building disposition follows two orientations determined by the nearby psychiatric clinic and the access road. The wings are aligned with both orientations.

The contact between the building and the terrain also affects the building’s appearance. The building is visually shortened with a receded socle on the northern side and the ground floor sitting on columns on the southern side. The concealed integrated parking lot visually relieves the surrounding area of cars. The service area is inconspicuously integrated into the building design and landscaping on the south.

The roofs with their eaves are visually emphasised building elements that embody both ground floor orientations and thus add to the harmonised unity of the whole.


The materials used are simple and economical. They are limited to sandblasted concrete, glass, and aluminium.

The investment outlay was low, amounting to no more than €3,250,000 for 4000 m² net. internal area, 100 parking spaces and 1000 m² of green space.