Established in 1968, Ambient is one of the longest-standing architectural practices in the region. To date, it has produced over 1100 original designs and managed the execution of more than a hundred large-scale projects. The office has earned an international reputation for its business integrity, and abiding commitment to quality design, detailed implementation plans, and active participation in the implementation phase of the project.

Ambient has been constantly developing and upgrading its technical, design and sociological know-how, introducing innovative approaches to engineering, manufacturing and work coordination, while putting considerable effort into promotion of multidisciplinary cooperation between engineering teams, stakeholders and contractors, lately an increasingly pressing concern within the AEC community. Since early seventies, the company has made a significant contribution to pioneering computer technology in architecture, in pursuit of the principles of automated fabrication and sustainable construction, long before these became a mainstream concern.

With the growing challenges of contemporary urban planning and the rising awareness of the need for sustainable construction and lean engineering, Ambient has pioneered and developed new design and implementation methods to advance the circular economy in construction. Thus, it has produced several software applications for in-house use, which recently outgrew the company’s framework, and are starting to become of interest to others in the AEC industry.