In more than 50 years of company history in architecture, industrial design, research and innovation, Ambient has developed a thorough technical, creative and scientific know-how and established a nationwide and international reputation characterised by strong conceptual legibility, innovation and a rigorous approach to detailing underpinned by the principles of original, enduring and sustainable design. Over this time span, the company has produced more than 1100 designs and was in charge of construction of more than 200 buildings. Throughout, the practice has been dedicated to the deepest level of involvement in the design of its buildings delivering projects that met the highest performance and quality standards.

Everything we do, from public, residential and commercial buildings to urban and industrial design, is a pinnacle of an evolutionary design process that brings artistry, craftsmanship and state of the art technology to everyday spaces. The buildings we produce come from a thorough understanding of the functions they are to fulfil, the conditions they are to provide and the materials from which they are to be constructed. In years of practice, research and study we have gathered also extensive know-how in renovation of historical buildings and the post-war period architecture. Precisely through the subtle approach towards architectural heritage, in the renovation of which we use new, contemporary methods and materials in harmony and with deep respect for the existing structure, have we learned to respect the architectural context, which when properly considered, generates new quality urban spaces.

Faced with the growing challenges of contemporary urban planning and the rising awareness of the need to strive for sustainable construction and lean engineering, we have been seeking and developing new design and implementation methods to advance a circular economy in construction. Since the 1970s, when computer science was still in its early stages, we have been devoting attention to research and development of new design technologies and construction methods. To this end, we had come up with many computer applications for in-house use, which recently outgrew the company’s framework, and are starting to become of interest to others in the AEC industry.